Electronic Darkness

by emma f williams. statement

observing americans being consumed by personal devices triggered my plunge into art-making, writing, researching, and theorizing on the subject. fascinated with the colors of the night and fueled by deep concern for authenticity, my need to draw attention to the familiar continues.

delving into this at the start i was mainly concerned with young people's development, addressing the implications of their screens taking precedence over eye contact. it quickly became obvious that the rapid pace at which we are allowing technology to replace real life experiences and interactions between human beings is an issue on a much broader scale. while a satiric image of the future lingers in my mind as a world full of robots, the present has become quite overwhelming in itself.

we are surrounded by noise. the unexpected, often clearest moments are missed when time is viewed as something to be filled. at what cost are we giving in to the demand to be more "connected"?

- emma